Glass Dórica/Square/Round


250 ml/500ml/


6,00 Kg


DESCRIPTION: aromatic seasoning with extra virgin olive oil and natural essential oils. TYPES: Barbecue & Grilling - extra virgin olive oil with dry spices & herbs. Garlic - extra virgin olive oil and Garlic natural essential oils. Rosemary - extra virgin olive oil and Rosemary natural essential oils. Black Pepper - extra virgin olive oil and Black pepper natural essential oils. Thyme - extra virgin olive oil and Thyme natural essential oils. 

Product description:  Olipas brand – Flavored extra virgin olive oil & natural essential oil.

Type of olives: 100% Cornicabra olives.

Crop's region: Montes de Toledo.

Shelf Life: 18 months.

Characteristics: We have obtained this aromatic set of genuine Mediterranean flavours. The combination of our Cornicabra extra virgin olive oil and natural essential oils as the apetizing Garlic, the stimulant Black Pepper, the fresh Thyme, the intense Rosemary; as well as the perfect combination of our extra virgin olive oil with dry herbs and spices in the Barbecuing & Grilling flavoured oil. They are a selection of tasty and distinct flavours that leads to the recovery of the pleasures of simple cooking as well as to enjoyment of the most sophisticated cuisine. In each case they bring out the natural fragrance and distinctive taste of every dish.

It is a source of health and an exquisite ingredient at the same time. These spiced oils can be used just as they are for enhancing the natural flavours of pastas and salads. They also are wonderful compliments to roasts and other fine cooked dishes. You will enjoy discovering all of them. Try to mix a Olipas flavoured olive oil with one of our Olipas special vinegar, and create your dressing for salads and vegetable