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There are many almonds varieties cultivated in Spain, but only three have been selected from among the top qualities that we work with.

-        Largueta

-        Comuna or Valenciana

-        Marcona


We comercialize the almonds from our  corporate farmers.  Right from Harvest, the almonds are shelled selected and packed according to our customer’s  demand.

As Philipas Enterprise is  responsible company, we have the strategic plan for the control, trazability, transportation and handling of the Almonds from the trees, shelling, selection, packaging, Inspection and Export within a stipulated time. Therefore mantaining the quality of the products in all stages  under a very diligent care of  our professionals, for the almonds to reach its destination.


Packaging:  10kg & 25kg Cartons.

                    And 25kg Bags.

Inspection is taken care   of by us if the customer desires.